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Are there aspects of your life you want to improve?

Could you use support reaching personal or professional goals?
Coaching will help you increase awareness and
start thinking on purpose to create the life you want.

What does awareness do for me?

Here's the scoop. We all have brains designed for survival and preservation. Survival brains have a tendency to create negative stories that get in the way of conscious goals and harmonious relationships (both with others and ourselves). 


Most of our 60,000 thoughts (!) per day are both unintentional and unconscious -- just a constant buzz of familiar, auto-pilot sentences running in the background. When you can see these thoughts objectively, you can decide, consciously, if they are serving you and you want to keep thinking them OR if you want to choose a different thought.

What happens in a coaching session?

A coaching session is a safe, unconditional and neutral space. You are listened to without judgement and get to consider open-ended questions asked without an agenda. 

You have plenty of opportunity to examine, unravel and understand your thoughts and emotions. You get a moment to hop off the thought hamster wheel. You have the chance to find useful new perspectives on areas of anxiety, frustration, or concern.

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What benefit does coaching offer?

When you get coached, you become more familiar with what's going on in your mind--what's working and what's not. 


When you get coached, you get to see how your thoughts determine how you 1. Feel, 2. Act, and 3. Create Results. 

When you get coached, you learn to manage your mind with compassion. You can then think new thoughts on purpose to 1. Feel Better, 2. Act from different feelings, and 3. Create Intentional Results. 


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What can I
be coached on?

You can get coached on ANYTHING. Big things or little things. Things like: Interpersonal conflict. Job hassles. Relationship troubles. Indecision. Family drama. Procrastination. Burnout.

Overdrinking. Overeating. Overworking. Overanything-ing. 


Why is this
coaching free?

I'm in a year-long Coach Certification Program with The Life Coach School. I share free coaching as I continue to hone my skill toward full certification targeted Fall 2023. Please feel free to share this invitation with others in your network who could benefit.


How many free sessions can I book per week?

Once per week between August 28 and September 22 is ideal, but you can book up to 2x/week for scheduling convenience. During the sessions, you can choose to focus on just one particular topic for multiple weeks OR you can explore ad hoc issues each week. It's completely up to you. 


My name is Miriam Weidner

About me

I study with The Life Coach School and use one of the best coaching models available-born out of evidence-based neuroscience, trusted life philosophies, and a belief in basic human goodness. Coaching has improved my life and I've watched it to the same for countless others.


I live with my partner in London, following a move from Boulder, CO in 2016. I've been interested in psychology and how the brain works for the majority of my life and it's my privilege to support others in self-understanding and self-improvement. 

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